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A digital choice ordering system which supports your goals

  • Feed More People -  Increase food pantry client throughput with more clients served per hour... up to 10 times as many

  • Promote Healthier Eating - Educate and incent nutritious choices across MyPlate categories

  • Maximize Pantry Resources - Reduce spoilage, provide greater access via at-home and mobile online ordering, and offer choice with reduced space requirements


  • Streamline Inventory Management - Reduce costs and personnel requirements while improving inventory accuracy 

  • Improve Dignity Through Client Empowerment - Provide on-site kiosk shopping and shop-from-home ordering all while reducing lines, easing product selection and improving the food pantry client experience

Touchscreen food pantry shopping
Why SmartChoice Software? 

Food Pantries carry a big burden - to serve as many clients as possible, to dignify and empower those clients by offering choice, flexible hours, and a wide inventory of food selection, and to secure funding and service government food supplemental programs. These complex demands require a digital software system tailored to the specific needs of each food pantry.  Digital shopping software which is web-based, immediately responsive, and equipped to handle the complex management, reporting, inventory and processing needs of the pantry is what today's food pantries require.    

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